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Everline Aboka moved her way up from the slums of Nyalenda Kisumu, a place where hope is almost impossible but despite the challenges she found her wings and now she is a fashion model an author, an accredited speaker and a transformational coach with vast knowledge on affirmations and visualizations, self awareness, integrity, positive thinking, self esteem, link between dreams, destiny and success, compassion, optimism, talent utilization, courage, forgiveness and philanthropy . She has mostly coached young and promising individuals in summer camps, schools, universities, corporate events as well as non-profit organizations both in Kenya and Canada on above or related topics. Everline believes that all individuals around the globe have all the abilities inside them to be the epitome of success in all aspects of their lives. She radiates with passion to make self help information available to individuals who are willing to kick out mediocrity from their lives and usher in an extraordinary life not only to themselves but also to pass down that same information to generations that will live after them.

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As a model, Everline has various local and international awards under her belt and some are listed below 

2014 African Canadian Model of the Year (Toronto/Canada)
2013 TOP Model Worldwide  (London/UK).

2009 Miss World Kenya Finalist.
2008 M-NET Face Of Africa Finalist Miss Wakilisha Na Trust Kenya.
2007 Miss International Women Interventions
2006 Miss Wakilisha Na Trust Kenya
2005 Miss Tuungane Youth Project.

As a philanthropist Everline is the founder of HOPE Africa Foundation, an organization that is working towards eradicating homelessness among street children in Kenya by providing the affected with clothing, food and psychological support in collaboration with a number of rehabilitation centres in Kenya. ”A society that has turned its attention away from street children is a society that is headed for destruction, with the rise of street children most of them being boys, we are busy building bridges to social and economic injustices for our future societies, we don’t have to beat them up or just send them away from one part of the city to another, we need to help these children, even if it means opening our doors for them to be part of our families, these children are angels and they need our help because at the end of the day it is ”we” the ”society” that has put them in this mess” – Everline Aboka

HOPE Africa Foundation’s main vision is to build a more spacious rescue centre that will act as a transition home for the cold, hungry, lonely and love deprived street children. The street children enrolled in the organization are taught life skills and hand work that can help them attain financial independence in adulthood. The organization also tracks down these children’s families and relatives and involve the two parties in counselling till reunion is achieved.