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Drained Job Seekers: How to deal with family Influence on it

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Job search can be draining and every job seeker needs all the help they can get from family, community and any other group that is willing to step in and help out. The journey can be tiring and the quality of your support system makes a big difference. Remember that for others to help you, you will have to guide them because not every member of your family or community is an expert in handling job search issues. Should a job seeker fail to identify the importance of self-care and worse is when the closest family members haven’t implemented the right care and support system for their jobless member, hell is likely to break lose somewhere and I can assure you that you can avoid that by all means.

Below are a few ways to get the right support you need from your family at this time

1.Maintain an Employment Routine

The idea of waking up early, every family member hustling to use the one or two washrooms in the house or perhaps wanting to grab the cereal jar or milk bottle as soon as the other family member picks it up and hasn’t even served themselves can sound annoying and perhaps not the ideal way to start your day. It turns out this dreading moment could be very helpful for a family member that is facing unemployment. As long as that family member can force themselves out of bed and force themselves into that hustling and bustling chaotic family morning. This process is therapeutic to the family and the job seeker as it is the center piece that holds the needed consistency. If this is done well all the members of the family may reduce the stress levels that’s caused by seeing one of their member jobless, encourage other family members to appreciate the fact that they have a job and also create an opportunity to the job seeking family member to not only get involved but wake up early and plan their job search accordingly through the day. This also helps job seekers with ease of having acceptable routine once a re-employment opportunity arise.

2. Set Clear Goals and Seek Support.

Without sugar coating anything, let’s address the big elephant in the room, in this case unemployment. As a job seeker, should you fail to set goals and came up with a clear plan of how you are going to get yourself out of this situation, you will try to shot yourself to the skies with hopes of landing among the stars should you miss the skies but instead you will find yourself on the floor with a very hurtful thud!. I hope you don’t end up with a broken back in the process. Some of goals you could create as a job seeker could include, attending government funded programs that can help you improve your skills and help you stand out in your job search, visiting or making contact with employment agencies bi-weekly, attending various community events in your city to create a strong networking community. All these goals and many others can help you get into the workforce.

It’s also important you make your family aware of such goals during your job search so that they can assist you in the process and understand your intentions especially because this will come with time commitment attached on it. With such goals in place, you will get the support you require to get a new job as opposed to the family encouraging you not to find employment for the individuals who live with insecure family members disguised as over protective members and most importantly you will have motivation to go out and find that job even in the days you feel under the weather. Your family is also your main source of emotional and psychological support should situations fail to change in a long time.

3. Job Search Time

It’s very important that as a job seeker you chose a specific period during the day simply dedicated to daily job search. If they say searching for and finding a job is a job in itself, then treat it like a job! If you can’t be late to your regular work any day without feeling guilty regardless of having informed your boss that you are running late then by all means you can’t be late for your job search appointments!. Treat this process like a job and you will get the best from it! That includes not wearing your pajamas and gym outfit as you go about your job search. Wake up, dress up both physically and mentally, show up and attack that job search with all professionalism needed.

4. Family Time

Few years ago I was jobless for over two years, I got myself immersed in a place I couldn’t pull myself out of after a long time. My mind was so focused on landing “that job” that any other aspect of my life didn’t really matter.! As a hardworking woman, the idea of getting things done was my best consolation but later on I realized that family breakfasts were just as important as family dinners and invitations to visit our extended family and friends for various activities including just sitting around and laughing at loud at the flying house flies. When you spend time with family, you both enjoy each other’s presence and this helps in confronting the feeling of guilt that’s likely to come from partners or children who feel they can’t have your attention even for a second because you are buried in your job search. Such lack of attention to important people in our lives brings fourth nags, complains and blames that are directed towards us for all the things that may not be going right in the household, in the relationship e.t.c. Never forget that when the family works in synchronicity and one accord much is achievable let alone a job. I hope this article was helpful in your job search. Kindly share with your friends too. Thank you very much.


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