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Self Love: The road travelled by few.

Everyday choices can be both fulfilling to one yet hurtful to another but in the end such choices have to be made as the idea of pleasing everyone is far out of reach and even if you give your best in trying to please people, you still won’t succeed as the ability to feel pleased lies within the other.

 I made a decision to love me, a decision to see myself as an overcomer in any situation as opposed to that of being a victim, a decision to invest in love, where love is highly needed and appreciated as opposed to a place where manipulation, destructive criticism and disrespect overshadows love. 

Yes I made a decision to stand on the foundations that made me who I am, foundations of selflessness, respect, submission, care and love for my family, mom, siblings and friends! Yes, I made a decision to break free from hatred, from everything and everyone that you had invested a tremendous amount of time in over the years! 

There’s no way I am going fix that part for you, I can only fix my part and you have to fix yours, I can carry you over my shoulders to the safe yonder but as long as you still embrace and cherish your destructive behaviour, you are not only stopping your journey but your are hindering mine. For crying out loud! Your weight itself is too much for my broad and steady shoulders, I can’t take more of your baggage!. I made my decision to be an agent of change by understanding that for me to change this world I must first change myself, my spiritual well being as well as my general development. In doing so self love has taken root and I can clearly see that where manipulation and destruction lies there is no growth. I want growth and I want it all…………Are you coming or do you want to keep doing that destructive you?

Eva Aboka

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