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Growth Mechanism: Finding Beauty in Crisis.

Photo by Romolo Tivani

Fear, the number one success hindrance of all times. While fear is a way for our body to realize that something is off with our existence, health, goals and overall life, it can also be a big source of inspiration if the pain that comes with it is directed into the right places to eventually bring fourth something magnificent! Humans hate pain, I do too! Pain is disgusting and destructive, so we have been made it believe or perhaps that’s what we have conditioned our minds to believe. It’s somehow interesting to note that even though nobody ever told us that life would be easy, we somewhat thought that it should be and as a result when faced with the opposite which I would like to refer to as crisis, we struggle to find the beauty in it all because the bounce back mechanism isn’t fully prepared for crisis.

Well, all is not lost for those who struggle with shinning through challenges. Just the same way it can take one to develop a character or master anything within 21 days, one can also start building his/ her crisis muscles by starting to deal with the single most tiny challenges in their present life to assess the strength of their bounce back mechanisms!. With that in mind,”I have learned and mastered the act of finding beauty in crisis, for that reason I assert that when we are faced with situations beyond our control, situations we cannot fathom nor change, often we are challenged to change ourselves. Through change we learn values that will be of much significance in our future, but remember learning and changing takes place to an individual who has crucified pride and embraced humility” ~ Everline Aboka

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