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With or Without a JOB: You are still SPECIAL, nothing less…..

The words What Makes You Special on a badge, asking the question

The being that you are, the skin that you are in, the abilities, gifts and skills that you possess are some of the things that makes you special and distinguished from everyone else. There comes a time when we are all expected to be like so and so, act like so and so and reason like so and so. I do not believe in the generalization of abilities nor in the one size fits all approach to our abilities because we are all unique! Just the same way our finger prints are unique from one individual to another, so are our personalities and abilities.

Often when faced with pressures of fitting in and being ‘normal’ creativity is lost, fear is instilled and abilities concealed, leaving the victim under the impression that they are not capable enough, neither do they measure up to their afflictor’s expectations. It takes an individual with low self esteem or a struggle with insecurities to attack and put others down. For that reason, stop picking and dropping the diamonds and pearls off your crown in a quest to accommodate every mediocre individual who feels your crown is too shinny, your dreams too far out of reach, your attitude too positive for their complain filled lives and your visions too ambitious for their minds to fathom!.

Just as the newsmakers, you are stirring up people because they cannot stand that which is special about you, they can’t have it for themselves so they would rather try and make you loose your specialness with hopes that you are both even eventually. Do not let people belittle you, micro manage you, mishandle nor afflict you! If fellows can’t keep up with your crown now, they won’t be able to stand it even if you choose to drop all the valuable stones from it!. Don’t wait for folks to approve of anything you do for you to carry on. Do you and let them, do them, that is if they ever even want to drop making you their pursuit and engage in their life improving pursuits! There is no better time spent well than that spent in focusing on what makes you a better person. Live by the philosophy of being too knowledgeable to distinguish the good from the bad and too intelligent to know that constant learning is your daily bread. You are special, made to stand out, don’t you ever settle for anything less. #YouAreCapable #capableyou #capableofanything #capable #youaremadetoshine #GrabYourCapableYouCopyToday


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