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Typing-English Edition: Elevate your spelling and speed at the same time.

Are you ready to improve your typing and develop your English spelling skills? You are on your best foot forward! With BusFactor Inc’s ‘Typing – English Edition’. With this game, you can do both at the same time, in a fast paced and fun way.

How the Typing Game Works

Words flow across the screen from left to right and as you type the characters, letters fall from the screen. The faster and more correct words you type, the more you dominate the challenge which helps with gaining more lives! You lose a life when a word hits the right hand side of the screen, after which your final score PPS (Points Per Second) is displayed. If you proceed long enough without loosing any lives, sometimes you get a rainbow word which does 1 of these 3 things, it acts as shot gun, doubles your multiplier or earns you a free life, all is useful in the game.

Who can use this Typing Game?

This game is a great resource for children and ESL (English as a Second Language) students. 

As a competition tool, this game can be used as a ranking meter for ‘professional’ typists. Try setting up a competition and compare your scores!

Out of a learning environment, the game can be a wonderful social tool for adults, children, family or corporate events! Simply get a big screen and let the audience cheer the typist as he or she dominate the challenge by getting most words correct! It’s also amusing to watch the typists miss simple words due to spelling errors or lack of speed. Accuracy, speed and knowledge of the keyboard is key to dominating in this game.

Try ‘Typing – English Edition’ by BusFactor1 Inc. today!

Click here to purchase the Typing Game from the Apple AppStore.
Typing Edition created by Burton Samograd – Designer at BusFactor1 Inc.

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