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3 Ways to avoid showing your bitterness at a job interview.

The job of looking for a job can bring emotional toil to job seekers especially when one has applied upteenth times but still not getting any calls for interviews nor an offer!. With bills to pay and dreams to chase, at times all an individual think will change their life is a chance to land a job and getting back into the workforce. From above frustrations and expectations, an individual is most likely to carry such baggage into the interview room unknowingly. Unfortunately recruiters can smell frustration, hunger and sadness from an interviewee’s voice, facial expression and body language. This may be a deal breaker to many recruiters because emotional stability is believed to be a major component of high performance at a job.

Here are a few ways of avoiding such emotional frustration that could cost you a job you have been looking to land for a long time.

1.Practice positivity.

At your time of unemployment, be in a positive state of mind, constantly hoping for a turnaround of events than whining about everything that’s wrong with the economy and the job market. Our minds are masters of commands we direct to them, if we deposit hope, that’s what the mind will master and if we deposit frustration again that’s what the mind will master. I believe that it’s upon us individuals to take responsibility of this. Achieving this may also call for a complete turnaround in your environment, circle of friends as well as adopting mindfulness. If you have to stay out of a friend’s company simply because he or she feeds you negativity, go for it! If you must turn off the radio and television that feeds you negative information regarding the economy and the job market, go for it. Instead develop a positive lifestyle filled with positive affirmations even as you continues with your job search in a tough market. This will put you in a right state of mind, a better position to attract the job you have been hoping for and most importantly, bring you peace amidst that storm of joblessness. Keep positive.

2.Be easy on yourself

The fact that you have no job while your friends and family have one, doesn’t necessarily make you a failure in life. Life is about seasons and seasons that give way to better seasons and appreciation of the same. You are in a season of joblessness, take courage that this season will give way to a season of having a job and as a result having a job will be something worth your daily gratitude in the future. Joblessness bring self-doubt and increase the intensity of an individual’s low self esteem. You are the only one who can save yourself from this by really knowing who you are, making adjustments of self improvement whenever necessary but never look down on yourself. You are not the first one to ever lose his/her job, neither will you be the last one. Almost everyone in their lifetime will be jobless at one point or another. You are hardworking, determined, positive, highly favoured and I believe that, it’s just a matter of time before you get your dream job!. Go easy on yourself!

3.Plan ahead

We avoid delays and major last minute rush when we plan ahead. Knowing what to wear for the interview and ironing it in time can save you the last minute frustrations on your interview day. That is also true for knowing the details of your interview that is, the location of the interview, the interviewer, the interview type (individual or group interview) and the documents you need to bring to the interview. Missing any of the above will put you in a tensed position which will also show in your interview process and might cost you the chance of sealing the deal for the job. Remember to plan ahead.

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