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I dream of Motivation not Manipulation 

#ListenToYourInnerVoice………………………..,One day the world will unite, there will be no wars nor anguish, there will be no Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhist, no religion nor group will matter because it shouldn’t anyway, we will all be filled with love for one another, being human will matter most and race will have no power over us because being black or white is just a plague that you will only encounter in some parts of the western world, Northern Africa and the middle East. 

One day the boarders of our nations will once again be free, we will roam freely from one place to another and hopefully nobody will have nothing to kill the other for nor to die for, we will arise above bloody murder because every single life will be very important regardless of their history. One day we will treat one another with both fairness and equality that feminism, child protection and men protection movements will have no place in this society. One day we will be happier to share our food, house, clothing with the have nots of our society and street dwellers will no longer be a business as usual affair. 

One day we will choose dialogue over violence, humanity over race, love over hatred, being useful over getting used, excellence over competion, we will live by choice but not chance, we will make changes but not excuses, we will choose motivation over manipulation and that same day we will choose to listen to our inner voice not the random voices that scream vices but not virtues. That one day is starting today for me, I can’t wait to see the other beautiful side, soon and very soon ~ Everline Aboka

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