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Alberta Carbon Tax: Alberta exports clean air to China and Middle East, We have clean air! why the carbon tax?

Alberta Canada sells clean canned air (oxygen) yet on January 1st 2017, Albertans were slapped on the face with another tax, the Alberta carbon tax! As if the inflation that has taken toil on the province since 2013 wasn’t enough, many jobless Albertans are yet again faced with the responsibility of paying this tax from their already empty pockets!

There has been concerns whether the government in place is working towards helping the middle class Albertans to get back to the workplace but as it seems that concern seems too far from being addressed soon considering the carbon tax is expected to discourage investors, cause increase in school fees, groceries purchase and worst of all cut funding for nonprofit organizations that are currently working hard to cloth, feed and provide many other services for free to jobless Albertans. These non profit organizations are expected to pay carbon tax too!

One thing that I don’t understand about the Alberta carbon tax is the motive behind it. In 2015, a Canadian company, Vitality Air gained fame with the global news companies as a company selling canned clean air to China and the Middle East’s air polluted areas. That clean air is manufactured no where else but Banff Alberta!

Banff air collection point. Photo Courtesy: Vitality Air

Vitality Air collects its clean air in Alberta’s Banff area of the Rocky Mountains and Lake Louise which is also located in Banff. It’s then clear that Alberta’s air is not only crystal clear but so clean that it’s gaining strong ground and enticing clients from countries with dangerous air pollution!

Lake Louise Banff Alberta. Photo courtesy: Vitality Air

All hopes of having this carbon tax pushed to 2018 bore no fruits as the provincial government is very convinced that the move will earn Albertans some benefits in the future. 

The revenue collected from Alberta Carbon Tax  will be directed towards sustainability of green energy, said the province’s leadership a few days ago at a press conference. While this is bitter pill to already wounded Albertans hearts, it’s just a matter of time that we will be able to experience the carbon tax benefits, until then, all I can say is, “we shall see”.

Vitality Air products: Photo courtesy : Vitality Air

All photos: courtesy of Vitality Air Website 

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