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Your Successful Life in Comparison to the Life of a Tree.

      As a tree, I realize being a flower is all colourful, beautiful and appealing but at last all that is short lived and before I know it, I have withered my life out or perhaps helped in the fertilization process of other trees like me, just in case my pollens were effective enough because, sometimes they aren’t or they won’t…….

       As a leaf, my life will be important in helping this tree gets its food but that’s also is short lived, in spring I will be back to life, in summer I will be bursting with chloroplasts but yet again in autumn all my efforts would be worthless because on the surface of the ground I will find refuge, rotting and lifeless………this becomes more emotional, knowing that the next season I have to relive the same life, not knowing whether to enjoy my bloom in summer time or awfully await the exasperating rot…..

       As a branch, my entire dependency on leaves and the stem makes my life meaningless, my weakness kicks in immediately the leaves are gone and my livelihood then relies on the stem on which am connected, if this stem is weak, which most times is the case, then on the ground or three stone cooking stove, there my journey ends……after a slightly strong wind blows me away, your child’s swing catastrophe hits me or even when summer snow rests all its weight on my not so strong bones.

         As a trunk/stem am kinda cool, but still not the coolest! just as the branches, the leaves and the flowers, am exposed to external predators, even though the above four, depends on me for transportation and supplication of vital goods, I still can’t be of help once am chopped off!

        I therefore desire to be a root, as a root, I can tap into a higher source, bigger than I and as a result I get the privilege of being the anchor that keeps the whole tree straight and steady. Here my role of provision and protection are vital, I must spread out my parts, with clear judgment, fetch all the necessary nutrients and chemicals out of the soil, use them to produce what my tree needs for growth, development and repair. I also know my tree’s health, existence, tenacity among other good qualities depends on my above average qualities of the same. Ordinary is not expected here and mediocrity vanishes as extraordinary kicks in.

       The journey of finding my roots has been tiresome yet very fulfilling, now I know who I am and what I want. I want to make this life worth living, I promise to be there for the other parts of my tree. If you are my family, friends, relatives or haters a.k.a potential customers, I want to assure you that you are part of my tree and as your root, I WON’T LET YOU DOWN ~ Everline Aboka

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