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1 sure way to succeed in 2017: Magic of Pen and paper.

Write down your goals and ideas

As the clock’s second’s hand usher us to 2017! It’s evident that once again I have no resolutions but daily responsibilities that I have made part of my life since 2008. Despite having annual responsibilities and must accomplish plan, I also write daily goals every morning after my 3a.m daily devotion and meditation practice. I am another ordinary woman from the most humble background you can think of but I push myself to extraordinary heights everyday. With that being said, I have learnt from great minds like Richard Branson, Joel Osteen, TD Jakes, Oprah Winfrey, Barrack Obama as well as Bill Gates and Melinda Gates that dreams are easily achieved when they are written down and reference to them is practiced to determine their completion or not! 

Just like you and I, the above individuals came from humble backgrounds too, if not even worse, but today, these are names that majority of us look up to in life. If something as simple as writing ideas down changed their lives, then your lives can change too if you dare to borrow that habit from them as I did nine years ago. Without going too far with this, why must we write down our goals and ideas anyways?

1. Memory

There is much information our brains have to process on a daily basis, with such information overload, we run the chance of forgetting very important ideas but if written down, immediately these ideas come up in our  mind, it is then that we are sure that the idea is securely kept.

2. Reference

Writing your ideas down is helpful as it’s your key to staying on tract by constantly referring to the written goal. This is the only way to know whether you have achieved a goal, need to put more work to a goal or move forward to other goals.

3. Master Plan

Your written goals are your lives master plan! Without them, you lack direction and as a result you constantly move back and fourth or in circles and eventually achieving nothing but everything in bits including the failure you didn’t need to achieve in the first place!. It’s more or else like failing by failing to plan!


This animal kingdom, we are known for excellence when rewards are part of the game. In this game you are your own student, your own teacher and your own award bearer. Your satisfaction comes from completing one goal/task, your reward is therefore the motivation that comes from such accomplishments and as a result your mind is wired to achieve even more so that it can feel awesome again.

I hope you will try writing down your goals and ideas this year, you will refer to them, use them as a master planner, draw Motivation from them and I can assure you that the rest of the journey will speak for itself. All the best.

Eve Aboka.

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