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Christmas Gift Ideas for the whole family 

With Christmas around the corner, I bet you are freaking out because you haven’t done the main Christmassy thing, shopping!

Wrapped gifts placed under Christmas tree

I believe in gifts that are needed, wearable or readable, by that I mean you can get your families gifts of books, cloths or anything that they need so much, if they don’t have it then they are dead!

1. Books and stationary, these are items that almost everyone is likely to use on a daily basis, children for school, adults for business, travel or just a hobby, such gifts could make a difference in people’s lives. Inspirational and informative books are other great ideas even if it’s just Dummies for starters first Christmas in Canada

2. Toys are important grab them for every member of the family, smart watches, hover board, latest iPhones, iPads, iwatch, iPods, are some of the latest coolest toys ever. It is advisable to avoid toys especially if your children already have a heap of toys that they are always confused about which one to play with, I would avoid toys of any kind!

3. Chocolate, considering Christmas is the most time of the year when these goodies are appreciated, why not get some for grandma, grandpa, Aunties, uncles, spouse, parents and children too. My favourite chocolate are Belgian, Swiss, and German brands, try them out! Chocolate is a want not a need so, go slow or else the family blames you when they put on weight next year!

4. Winter clothing and necessities even when we don’t know many people’s fashion preferences, we can never go wrong with warm cosy scarves, mittens, winter hats, coffe mugs, coffee gift cards, coffee, hot chocolate, coffee maker and many other related items could be highly appreciated.

That’s the trick to Christmas shopping! Easy and breezy! I hope this was helpful! I wish you a merry Christmas and a wonderful 2017.

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