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Fundamental Happiness Habits: Forgiveness 

The act of forgiving and forgetting can be an easy task if learnt but very daunting if ignored but worst of all could lead to being an emotional wreck. Before long your happiness is gone and depression has found refuge right in your heart, daily activities and even your home!

Many happy people are the ones who have learnt to let go of the hurtful acts done to them by other people. How have they managed to let go? Below are three ways:

1.Less expectations 

The moment we realize that to be human is to make mistakes and no perfection whatsoever should be expected from the other party, that’s the moment we strike heartache right on the head and we earn our pass into sanity! Human has not, cannot and will not be perfect! For that reason, stop expecting it and you will be safe from lots of heartaching drama.

2. Let it go

If you didn’t know about the above first approach then you will learn to let go! Letting go is the key to true forgiveness. You can’t forgive by simply saying that “I have forgiven you”, true forgiveness is letting go! One can let go by talking less about the hurtful situation or completely burying the problem six foot under. The moment you keep digging into the situation, the more hurtful you will feel, the less you will let go and the more you won’t forget for you to be able to forgive. Think about it!

3. Is it worth it?

This is the question that has helped me deal with the toughest of individuals! The fact that someone wants war with you, doesn’t mean you should engage because at the end of the day if you can’t get into war, then you have high chances that you won’t have to deal with all that letting go, forgetting and eventually forgiving! So which one is easier? Dealing with no war or engaging then having to go through the process of letting go and forgetting to eventually realize the end product of forgiveness?! Your guess is as good as mine, preventive measures are way better than curative measures! Choose wisely, choose your wars, don’t let their wars choose you.

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