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The road that leads somewhere yet it’s DESTINATION a mystery 

Travelling, that’s just about everything we do as humans on a daily basis! We are constantly seeking new frontiers! From taking part in our 3 am meditation ritual to simply sitting down to have that last meal of the day with the family, we are traveling, we are constantly on the move and on our shoulders lie some of the heaviest, most painful baggages of life we have collected ever since the journey of life became a reality to us, that’s just about as soon as you learned to say “give me”

I bet if you had a choice to stop traveling this journey you could, but most often that’s not the case! we have to keep pushing through the thickness and thinness of all situations with hopes that this long, gruelling road will lead to something beautiful, something smile worthy, something assuring you that the generations to come after you might take a different road than yours or if they did walk the same road as you did, then they will have it easier with a flashlight, water bottle, right armour and even physical fitness handy because you did provide that for them along the way.

As my late grandmother Wilfrida would often say, “This life journey you gotta just travel it with your head high, ask questions when not sure but don’t ask too much as that leads to insanity of always wanting to know that which you will never know because nobody has ever known and no one will ever know! That’s just it! You will never figure out everything, let something be just what they are!!! and finally have fun in the process, don’t get to DESTINY all shrivelled up that you can barely enjoy the fruits of your journey!” 

Boom! That wraps it all for me and I hope it does for you too, happy travels and I hope you get to destination DESTINY still strong and healthy enough to enjoy all the hardwork you have put into this journey over the years! Success!

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