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Capable of Glowing in the dark

Most often when we are faced with challenges or when we encounter detours it’s then that our destiny visions are hit hard and without much care, one might stray from the path of destiny or completely lose it all together. With a few tips and knowledge about the power of challenging times most dreams have seen the light of the day and so will be yours despite the challenging times. 

Glowing in the dark is possible as long as one recognizes the following about life detours.

Dark moments are full of lessons 

If we manage to get past the pain of the situation we are at in a given moment, then we are likely to see with clarity the events as they unfold and in the process we can learn a thing or two in that moment despite the pain. If you are dealing with a disappointment or betrayal from someone you trusted, maybe the lesson in that moment is that in the future you should not trust so easily.

Dark moments are essential for the next Steps
Even though you might feel like your current situation is out to finish you, be encouraged that it’s actually here to prepare you for your next step in life, the lessons in that challenge are vital for your growth tomorrow. If it’s a disappointment or betrayal from someone you trusted, as the lesson in that moment is that you shouldn’t trust easily, maybe your next stage in life is going to require you to specifically vet people, business partners etc before you let them in to share into whatever you intend to involve them in.

Dark moments teaches us faith
Without hard times, we will never know or learn to trust the power beyond us. Being knocked down once, twice even thrice draws us back to the maker of all things beautiful. We willingly surrender everything to the Almighty when we know we have used up all our options. The best thing about this is that it saves us the insanity of constantly approaching the challenge with our own might, which in return saves us the possibility of falling into depression trying to fix that which only our maker can fix at His own appointed time.

Dark moments builds our virtues 

We all know that prior to getting knocked down once, twice or thrice there might have been pride living, dining and sleeping in our households. Pride leads to falling, when one is proud they don’t listen to anyone, they barely see when they are headed to the pit and as a result of these mayhem does follow very fast. An individual that has encountered challenges is a very humble, kind and caring individual in their future lives as opposed to their counterparts who haven’t faced such times. Mother Teresa of Calcutta was a Saint because she related with pain and suffering from her own life and as a result she was able to be a blessing to those facing difficulties in life.

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